We’re creating Tinder for clothes – would you like to test it with us?

Hello Clothes Club gang, we hope you’re having a good 2019?

We’ve been busy planning our next event, with Amnesty International. It will hopefully be in May.

Our first ambassador did their event last November. They raised a brilliant £350 for a mental health charity. We’d like to now scale doing these across the UK.

Join our app 

And we’d love to build our clothes swapping app, think Tinder for things!

Do you have unwanted items in your wardrobe? Perhaps a dress your wore to a wedding once. Or something that doesn’t fit anymore.

Would you like to use our app to find people you could swap it with?

How it might work

You’d offer your dress and they might offer a coat, scarf, jumper etc. You’d get multiple offers (hopefully) and swipe for the one you want to swap it with.

If you’d like to join us for an early beta test, before everyone else, pls sign up here.