Become a Clothes Club Champion

We’ve been running The Clothes Club for nearly 3 years and have donated roughly £5,000 to local causes we care about. We’ve met some incredible people and brands along the way, like TRAID, Foodcycle, JustGiving, Tokyo bike, Bootstrap Company and many more.

We’re looking to grow our community so we can raise even more money for good causes. Would you like to become part of our clothes swapping community and be a Clothes Club Champion in your area?

We’re currently developing some useful tools which will help you raise anything between £50 to over £1,000 per event. So if you’re interested in finding out more please register your interest below.

It might be that you’d like to earn some extra income yourself putting on Clothes Club events a few times a year, or raise money for a local cause, or a larger charity which means a lot to you. We’d love to hear the reason why you’d like to do it.