The Clothes Club is a fundraising initiative set up in January 2013 by Emily De Groot, working with Leon Nikoosimaitak (motion graphics designer), Lucy Dunleavy and Carmen Guillen as volunteers. The team has since grown to include Faye Walton, Gayle and Katie Haddock, Leanne Hammill, Hayley Gilson, Claire Baker, Victoria Helen Roberts, Sinead Naseem Zaman.

We raise money through our clothes swapping community to support local causes. The Clothes Club encourages a sustainable approach to fashion whilst providing opportunities to connect with like-minded people within this unique community.

Our mission is to:
1. Provide good quality clothing to people who attend our swapping events
2. Provide communities with an alternative to new clothing and particularly fast fashion (e.g. collaborative consumption)
3. Promote more socially conscious clothing habits, learning along the way
4. Partner with community groups or charities who need spare clothing left over from our events
5. Raise money for good causes through our events
6. Develop up-cycled items from used clothing & textiles left over at our events (in the longer term)
7. Help promote other companies or people working in the space

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