Next Clothes Club…get prepared

We’re in the midst of the sale season and in the face of great savings it’s not uncommon to find yourself falling for a bargain without any real thought about whether we’ll actually ever wear it. So inevitably we all get stuck with garments we bought in the heat of the moment that never see the light of day. And it’s often difficult to get rid of things that we feel guilty about buying. We find reasons to hold on to them and forget how long we have been putting off dealing with them.

One way to make the steps easier is to box up any suspect items and store them out of sight (always good to write down the date on a scrap of paper and put it in the box too so there is no side stepping the issue of when they went in). A storage box in the car boot or attic will do. If the clothes are still in there 6 months down the line, it’s time to face facts.

Another technique devised by blogger rayandjen was to spend a short amount of time turning all of the hangers in your wardrobe the wrong way round. Then all you have to do is carry on as usual. Take clothes out, wear them and, when you return them to the wardrobe, put the hanger in the right way round. Anything still left the wrong way round in 6 months…

Bring to the next Clothes Club.


Picture credit: rayandjen

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